Withdraw Pending Invites with One Click

If you have too many pending invitations on LinkedIn, learn how to instantly withdraw a number of them through Kennected.

Instantly Withdraw Invitations

  1. Access your Settings, click on "Withdraw Pending Invitations"

  2. How many would you like to Withdraw?
    We suggest you only do up to 300 in a 24-hour period and only 100 at a time(Distribute them throughout the day, try not to do all of them at once) if you have a significant number of pending invites

3.  Set Pending Invites Threshold so once it's reached that number, older pending invites will be withdrawn. This feature is on the Settings Tab.



Note: If you have any questions regarding how to "Withdraw Pending Invites with One Click", contact us at support@kennected.io or file a ticket on the top of this page