Team Management

If you are an Admin and have Teammates or Clients under your account, then this feature is for you!

Follow the video tutorial or continue reading the knowledge base article.

Team Management - EDITED
We've added additional features to manage your team, if you are an Admin on an account and you go to the Teammate section, you can check these features. 
To access Team Management click the Teammate tab


Good - Your Teammate's account is working perfectly.
Needs Attention - You need to check the account, this warns you if the account needs further assistance to solve an issue such as a URL error, sequence issue, out of target audience, etc.

LinkedIn Connect / Disconnect button

This indicates the LinkedIn account status - connected or disconnected.
You can hover your mouse to the icon and you can see the details.

Client or Teammate

When you set up an account as "Client", you give your "Client" limited access to the account, you are basically running the account for them. Therefore the "Client" can't make any changes to the sequence. 
As an Admin you can see their dashboard, however, the "client" can't see the sequence or change its status.
You can switch from Teammate to Client when needed


Note: If you have any questions regarding "Team Management", contact us at or file a ticket on the top of this page