Sequence Stopped Working

Learn why one or more of your sequences may have stopped working on CloudKennect and how to resolve their issues.

Help, my Sequence isn't Running!

Whether your Kennected account has been disconnected from LinkedIn, your Sequence is outside of its target audience, or you’ve been restricted and moved into a cooling period, finding out that your tool for lead generation is on hold can be frustrating. 

In this article, we will provide insight on how to resolve the issue, what to look for in the future, and how to ensure your account stays up and running.  

Verify that you are Connected to LinkedIn

Check the top right corner of your CloudKennect account. The following article will guide you in the case that your Kennected and LinkedIn accounts are not synced:

Connect to LinkedIn - Kennected and LinkedIn Account Not Synced


Assuming you are connected to LinkedIn, then look for any CloudKennect notifications - some possible ones you might see include:

  • "Sequence is out of Target Audience"
  • "Account under cooling period"
  • "Trouble sending new invites"

Sequence is Out of Target Audience -  Blue or Yellow Triangle Next to Sequence Name 

No matter how many search results you have for your target audience, LinkedIn will only allow you to see up to page 100  (1000 prospects). Once Kennected has reached 100 pages, we will notify you that your sequence has run out of its target audience.

What to Do Next

Verify that your search actually exhausted its target audience

If your search results displayed 550 users and the sequence enrolled 547 of them, then that is likely CORRECT. Your sequence will change to "Completed" after all activities in the queue are completed.

If your search results displayed 7,000 users and the sequence enrolled 990 of them, then something went wrong with your targeting. If this is the case, please follow these steps:

How To Refresh Your Target Audience

If Account is under Cooling Period or Having Trouble Sending New Invites

Why did this happen to me? 

In efforts to keep your LinkedIn account healthy, your Kennected Account will stop you from sending out new invites for a period of time between 6 and 72 hours. 

What might have caused this?

If pending connections are between 250-500 on LinkedIn can cause your account to be flagged. Check your Kennected Dashboard to find how many pending invitations you currently have. If you are over 1500 or close to that number, begin withdrawing the invites one by one or reach out to our support team for help.

You may have been too active on LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn tracks your activity: If you started using Kennected without being too active on LinkedIn, it’s best that you begin with our lowest plan in order to warm up your account. Instead of sending 60-100 invites daily, only send between 20 and 30. Sending too many invitations with less than 500 connections can cause some major LinkedIn alarms to go off
  • Using multiple automation tools at once: When using Kennected, we suggest that you do not use other automation tools alongside it. This is bound to cause discrepancies and result in your account being flagged
  • Manual and automated outreach: Maximizing your efforts on LinkedIn will get you better leads without a doubt, but using both Kennected and sending manual invites could get your account restricted
  • Power Searcher Tag: If you have a Free LinkedIn Account and are currently enrolled in a plan for 60-100 invites per day, you might encounter an invitation restriction called "Power Searcher" Click here to learn more
  • LinkedIn Jail: If you think you’ve been restricted from sending invites using Kennected or have been put in LinkedIn Jail, find out by checking if you are able to send manual invites to people. Read more here - Am I in LinkedIn Jail? 

Note: If you have any questions regarding "Sequences Stopped Working", contact us at or file a ticket on the top of this page