Power Searcher

Learn about what a "power searcher" is and how to resolve the issue in three ways by following the guide below.

Power Searcher

If you have a Standard Free LinkedIn Account, you may encounter an invite restriction called "Power Searcher"

How to Identify if you are Tagged as a Power Searcher

Perform a normal search on LinkedIn. If the following image appears in your search, you've been tagged as a power searcher.

Power Searcher


  1. Take the 30 day trial for Premium that LinkedIn offers
  2. Purchase the Kennected - Premium LinkedIn package for a special price (available only for Kennected users)
  3. The Power Searcher tag will reset every 1st of each month, you can wait for the restriction to be lifted

Issues you may encounter when tagged as a power searcher:

  1. Pages in the activity logged will be skipped.
    Activity Log
  2. No more prospects to enroll / Out of Target Audience
    Out of Target Audience 4
  3. Restricted to send new invites and inmails.

Note: If you have any questions regarding the "Power Searcher", contact us at support@kennected.io or file a ticket on the top of this page