Targeting Hacks

This article will give you some insight on how to target by years of experience, revenue, company headcount, and more.

(Last Edited April 11th, 2022)

Before you start a Linkedin Search, consider the following:


  • Target only 2nd-degree connections
  • You can only add up to 9 keywords combined from the search bar and filters
  • You can’t use quotation marks when using All Filters
  • The search results should be under 1K 

Search for Current Position on LinkedIn

When you search using the search bar located at the top of LinkedIn, it scans the entire profile and adds the person to the list regardless if the position is current or past.

Example: Title, Company, etc.

The search results above show a list of prospects having experience with the position added on the search bar.

To target current positions, follow the steps below.

  1. Click All Filters.
  2. Type the position as Title.
  3. Click Show Results.

Here’s the search result for those who have the current “VP of Sales” position.

Search for More than 1 Keyword?

Use the connector, OR

Example:   VP of Sales OR Chief Revenue Officer

Exclude Specific Companies?

You can add them to Company Blacklist or exclude them from your search by adding NOT on the Company filter.

Example:  NOT Primerica

Search with Specific Job Description or Personality Type

This strategy allows you to find people that fit your personality type and works best for your business.

  1. Add the title to the filter.

Example:   Admin OR Assistant OR Agent

    2.  Type the description in the search box 

Example:  “Open for Opportunity” OR “looking for work”

Parenthesis -  will allow you to do more than one search with having the same title or description.

Example: (“Open for Opportunity” OR “looking for work”) AND “financial freedom”

Search for Prospects that You Can Call or Text 

  1. Add a Title
  2. On the search bar, you can add specific outreach phrases.

Example: “text me” OR “call me”

If you wish to add a specific location, you can add the area code.
Example: (“text me” OR “call me”) AND “317”
Note: 317 is the area code for Indianapolis.

Connect with Open Networks

LION” - this refers to LinkedIn Open Networker (they accept all invitations)

  • When you add “LION” to your search bar, it picks up all prospects with “LION” on their profiles and includes those who have a company named LION.

  • To exclude prospects that work under the company name LION, you can add “NOT LION” under Company(All filters). 

Find Prospects for Engagement

Prospects that use “speaker” and “author” on their profiles.

  • These phrases build their status Delta. 
  • The prospects under “speaker” and “author” could help you boost your engagement. They work as a medium between you and your target audience.
  • They have already built a relationship with their community(readers).

Example:  “speaker” AND “author” AND “financial coach”

The search results on the sample will give you a list of prospects who speaks or have a relationship with their members(audience, readers) as financial coaches.

Find Prospects for Health Niche

  • They are prospects that work in the health industry.
  • These prospects are essentially connected with health advocates, doctors, nurses, and other health sectors.
  • These prospects have personalities that lookup for them, and have wide networks of B2B engagement.


  1. On the search bar, you add mental health advocates
  2. Under keywords, add VP OR Director (without the apostrophe)

Target Revenue and Company Headcount

  • For revenue, sales, and percentage, it is best to use a Sales Navigator

If you don't have Sales Navigator follow the steps below:

Example for Revenue Percentage:     “grew team” AND “%” AND “scaled”

If you add a specific niche like a sales team.

Search for Range of revenue: “scaled to” AND “$100M” AND “sales team”
This search shows 531 people that scaled to 100 million in revenue.

Target by Years Experience

On your search bar, add the description. 

Example:    “Years of experience”

If you want to add a specific number of years of experience, then you can add to your search bar

Example:   20 years of experience

If you have a specific niche.

Example:    “20 years of experience” AND “thrill seekers”

If you want a list that has zero year of experience + Title or any filter.


Add on the search box - “Recent graduate 

Add a Title (All filters) - agent OR insurance OR advisor (no quotations)

Search for Prospects that Have Common Company Name

Add the keywords to the search bar and exclude companies that have common names by using the connector NOT on the Company(All filters).


  1. On the search box, add  - “young attorney”
  2. To exclude those under the Young Company, go to All filters - under Company,  add -
    NOT Young

Target by Gender

You can search by gender in the search bar

Example:    “she/her”

If you need a specific role with gender, you can add it to the search box.

Example:    “girl boss” OR “women entrepreneur” OR “women in business”

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