LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI Score)

Learn about LinkedIn's SSI feature and how Kennected helps monitor it and track your SSI progress.

What is an SSI Score?

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14 SSI Score


The LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI Score) is unique for everyone. Essentially, this score tells LinkedIn users the following information:

  • How successful you have been at developing your brand on LinkedIn
  • How well you are connecting with others on LinkedIn
  • How well you are engaging with various insights on LinkedIn
  • How strong you are at establishing relationships on LinkedIn

The above four points are going to give you a great overall measure of how effectively you are leveraging LinkedIn as a platform.

You can view your SSI Score by logging into your CloudKennect account, clicking on "Dashboard", and then navigating to the mid-bottom portion of the page:

How to engage and boost my SSI Score?

The best way to do increase your SSI Score is to engage with others every day on LinkedIn.

  • Take at least 10 minutes a day to like and comment on relevant content
  • Share - either by creating your own content or by sharing relevant content (position yourself as an expert by sharing content and news in your timeline)
  • Reach out to people - joining groups also helps
  • Connect with others and grow your network (Premium subscribers can take advantage of InMail)

LinkedIn says that a good SSI score is at 80% and above. Kennected likes to see its users anywhere between 60% and 80% for maximum effectiveness. After all, too high of a score can mean you're TOO productive on LinkedIn - such that it makes other parts of your life less productive.

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