InMail Message

Users with a LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator account can take advantage of the InMail feature of Kennected. Learn more by following the guide in the article.

InMail Messaging

Follow the video tutorial or continue reading the knowledge base article.

Free Inmail (Premium Only)

InMail is a Premium LinkedIn messaging feature that allows you to send messages to people you currently do not have a connection to on the platform. You need to have LinkedIn Premium to send InMail. Essentially, you can send one message to someone you are not connected with using this feature.

To create an InMail sequence:
  1. Click on "Add New"

  2. Click "Free InMail"

  3. You can start creating the sequence

  4.  Paste the URL, hit ENTER then click on "Next"

  5. Click on "Set message", and type in what you'd like to say for your InMail sequence

  6. Once finished, click "Submit"

Note: InMail will count against your total invites per day. A LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator account is required to use the feature.

Note: If you have any questions regarding "InMail Messages" contact us at or file a ticket on the top of this page