New Boosted Invites Guide

As you may have noticed, LinkedIn has recently changed its policy regarding weekly connection request quotas. You are now limited to sending a maximum of 100 connections per week.

The good news? Using LinkedFusion you can easily send more Invitation requests using this Booster feature.

The connection is sent on LinkedIn using the prospect's email address.

To get the email address of your prospects and reaching out to them, we have added Email Finder APIs Integration.


Here are the steps on setting up a brand new sequence with Boosted Invites


Step 1: Add Email Finder APIs under Integrations. You can use one or more of the APIs as per your preference.

Image Blur


Step 2: As an example we will use the Find That Lead Email Finder tool. Click on the link that says “Find That Lead API Key”. Once you are there, sign up and create your account. Once you are able to create the account click on the settings section to get the API key.


Capture 1


Step 3: When you click on settings, you will see the below screen. Copy the API key and paste it into the Integration tab in CloudKennect as shown in Step 1.



Step 4: Paste the API KEY to Find that Lead API KEY and click Save on the Integrations Tab.


Image blulr 2


Step 5: Similarly you can set up and enter the API keys from any/all 4 of the available Email Finder Tools on the integrations section.


How to Setup the Booster Sequence?


Step 1: Navigate to Sequences Tab, and click on Add New to create a new Invitation sequence.



Step 2: Create a name for your sequence. Set-up your working hours and turn ON the booster plan as shown below in the image.


A) Boosted Invites:

Here the tool sends connection requests first from your Linkedin account as per the weekly limit set by Linkedin to 100 Prospects. Once the 100 limit is reached it will now send connection invites to Prospects from the Email API key that you have entered. (Note: We use our own database first to get Email id and then if not found - we use your API key to fetch data)



B) Smart Mode:

Here the tool sends connection requests first using an Email id from our database. If system is not able to find it, it will now send the API key from the email finder tool. And if the system is not able to get it from both options, it will send the invites from your Linkedin Weekly limit (100 invites/week).



Step 3: Add your target audience to whom you wish to send a connection request.



Step 4: Write the first connection message using tags and later set up the follow-up messages and save the sequence



Note: If you have any questions regarding "How to use Booster Plan to send more invites?", contact us at or file a ticket on this page