Exporting your Prospects and Leads

Learn about how to export your list of prospects from Kennected as a CSV file for use in your own database or other CRM.

Exporting your Prospects and Leads

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Exporting the Proper Prospect List

Exporting your leads might be a helpful thing for you if you wish to create an offline database of all of your potential clients. If you would like to create an email campaign or call someone you have recently connected with, this list will be valuable to you. Follow the steps below to export your prospects:

  1. Go to the "Prospect" tab. You will see ALL of the prospects' data from the invitations you've sent

  2. Listed on the page is prospects "Contact Info". However, this may show incomplete data if they have not yet accepted your connection request

  3. When you go to the "Accepted" tab, you'll be able to see the contact information of all of your 1st degree connections


If you are not exporting the data to your CRM or through another integration, we suggest exporting data either weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or however often as you like so long as you don't have overlapping data.

  1. Make sure to change the filter to "Accepted" so that you will only get see with complete contact information entries. The only people among these datum are those who have accepted your request to connect

  2. Click on "Export Leads". Doing so will download a CSV file to your PC (Alternatively, you can choose to sort by Tags). You may also choose to sort prospects by sequence

Step 2: Excel File with Lead Info

 Your CSV file will include Contact Email, Phone Number, and a number of other fields.


Note: If you have any questions regarding "How to Export Prospects", contact us at support@kennected.io or file a ticket on the top of this page