Email Finder API

In this tutorial, we're gonna share about Email Finder API.

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The Email Finder API gives you the ability to scrape emails on the internet using third-party tools to help bypass the LinkedIn Weekly Limit Restriction. 

How to Integrate your Email Finder API?

1. Go to Integration --> Email Finder API

Email API's

  1. Find That Lead (Click Here to Create Account)

  2. Email Hunter (Click Here to Create Account) 

  3. Any Mail Finder (Click Here to Create Account)

  4. SKRAPP (Click Here to Create Account)

NoteWe highly suggest registering to all email finder apps and adding all API keys to the integration section.  

Here is a breakdown on how to create your account in FIND THAT LEAD


  1. Go to and click Start for Free.

  2. Signup either connecting from Google or Creating an account.

  3. Sign in.

  4. On the top right, click the drop-down menu.

  5. Select Settings.

  6. Copy Your Personal FindthatLeadID.

  7. Paste it to FIND THAT LEAD API KEY.

  8. Click Save

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