Dashboard Overview

Learn about the CloudKennect dashboard and how to understand the various information presented on it.

CloudKennect Dashboard

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Dashboard Overview

The dashboard will allow you to see all of your KPIs (Key Point Indicators) for any given 30-day window. There are a few different sections to see here, each one containing different points of data.dash_overview1

This first section will show you the day by day break down of how many people have accepted and responded to your connection requests.dash_overview2

It will also show specific KPIs which correspond with each of your sequences on the right hand side of the screen.dash_overview3

In the bottom left, you will also notice your Social Selling Index. This is essentially a measure of how LinkedIn sees your account compared to everyone in your position. Scoring is out of 100 points, though we like to see most people between the 60 and 80 range.dash_overview4

Sequence Page

This is the sequence tab, and it will be used for building, editing, managing and monitoring all of your invitation and messaging sequences.seq_overview

Account Warm Up Page

The account warm up is a new feature, to keep your account safe and don't experience any restriction and worst Linkedin jail.

Schedule Posts Page

The schedule post page allows you to schedule post on linkedin easily. This will help increase your SSI score.

You can choose who can see your post, commented on your post. Schedule the post by selecting a date & time.

Inbox Page

The inbox tab is a custom LinkedIn Inbox for all of the conversations generated by your Kennected sequences. If you manually connect with someone or they manually connected to you, it will not show up in your inbox.inbox_overview1

You can sort by Sequences, Tags, Archived messages and Responded using the filters along the top of the inbox page.  


You can also filter based on how they responded to you. It can be Positive, Negative, Neutral and Mixed.

The easiest way to sort is by Sequences and Responded.

Also, in your Inbox, when you are having a conversation, we can also use a template to respond to the person. We should have a template created for answers "Yes", "No" and "More information" to make it easier for you to respond.inbox_overview3

We can also Schedule Messages to be sent out at a specific date and time.inbox_overview4

Select the date and time you want your messages to go out to prospects. By doing this, you'll help ensure that a follow-up goes through, even if you forget about it for a bit.inbox_overview5

Schedule Tasks Page

The schedule tasks tab can be used to skip invitations, follow-ups and withdrawals for specific prospects.tasks_overview

Prospect Page

The prospect tab will contain all of the data from those who accepted your request to connect via invitation sequence. You may reference this page at any time for specific contact details and prospect filtering.prospect_overview1

These prospects may also be exported as CSV files for use in other places or pieces of softwareprospect_overview2

CSV Viewer Page

The CSV viewer is a a feature which allows you to upload your own CSV files into Kennected and use them to prospect on LinkedIn. You can use this page to monitor the specific number of users remaining to process per sequence.CSV_overview

Note: Any CSV files will require a specific format in order to be uploaded and work properly as a sequence. For information on this, check out this article.

Template Page

The template tab is used to create specific outlines for messages that you want to send to various target audiences. You are able to share these templates with your teammates as well as clone, edit and view them at any time.template_overview

Blacklist Page

Profile - If you have a current client or ex-partner that you don't wish to see your message or connection request, then you can add their LinkedIn URL to prevent them from being reached out to.

Company - If you do not want to reach out to a specific company, you can put the company URL from their company LinkedIn page and it will skip anyone who has the company name listed in their profile as their place of employment.


Integrations Page

Kennected currently has 6 different CRMs that it directly integrates with. With the 6 direct integrations, Zapier will not be needed but may be required to connect with other CRMs. integ_overview1

If you are using another CRM, you will need to check Zapier, to check whether or not it will work as a bridge to Kennected. If that is the case, we can set it up for you on this page. If you require help with this process, feel free to book a support call.


Teammate Page

The teammate tab is where we can add any teammates that are on your teams and have Kennected accounts that you would like to manage and share content with. Teammates also have shared blacklist and template functionality.


Settings Page

The settings tab can be used to update various pieces of profile information including time zone, working hours, personal information and more.settings_overview

You can now easily update your billing information, credit card details and your subscription.

Note: If you have any questions regarding "Dashboard Overview", contact us at support@kennected.io or file a ticket on the top of this page.