Connection Messages Sent Outside Working Hours

If a connection message was sent outside of one of your sequence's working hours, a number of things can cause that.

Can Connection Messages be Sent Outside of Working Hours?

Your connection messages are sent along with your invitation during the working hours that you select for a sequence.

  •  The connection message will populate in your inbox once your prospect accepts the invite
  • We have no control over when the invite will be accepted, therefore your connection message might populate outside of your sequence's working hours
You can verify when your invite and connection message was sent by reviewing your Activity Log with that specific prospect in the following tab:
  1. Click on the prospect name and conversation
  2. The conversation will populate in the middle section of your inbox
  3. On the right side, you will notice tabs for Details and Activity

  4. Select Activity and verify when your invite was sent with your connection message.

  5. The connection message will populate in your inbox at the time the prospect accepted the invitation

Note: If you have any questions regarding "Connection Messages Sent Outside Working Hours", contact us at or file a ticket on the top of this page