Connection and Follow-Up Message Delays Q&A

Frequent questions regarding connection and follow-up messages and their respective delays are answered here.

Common Questions Regarding Message Delays

"How long does it take to send invitations to new prospects?"

  • It will typically take between 1-3 minutes before an invitation is sent out. This is a security feature of Kennected to help ensure the safety of your LinkedIn account. Random intervals between sent requests are implemented to mimic human behavior
  • Your invitations and follow-ups will be sent during the working hours you have set up for your sequences

"Someone received my connection message outside of my working hours!"

  • The connection message was sent when you sent out the invite, but it will populate inside of your Kennected Inbox when your prospect accepts the connection invitation (which could potentially be outside of working hours)

"If someone accepts my invite at 1:00 am and my delay for follow-up is 37 minutes, will they receive my message at 1:37 am?"

  • No, the follow-up message will remain in the queue and will be sent within the working hours of the respective sequence

Note: If you have any questions regarding the "Connection & Follow-up Message Delay" feature, contact us at or file a ticket on the top of this page