Boosted Invite/Smart Mode Feature

LinkedIn sets a restriction to moderate accounts from sending invitations before they will be placed under the Weekly Limit. To help you bypass the restriction, kindly check the article below.


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You may have noticed these features when creating a sequence and wonder why there is a Boosted Invites and Smart Mode switch.

For both of the features, you need to Integrate at least one of the Email Finders. If you haven't watched the Email Finder API video, go ahead and review how to integrate in order to activate any of these 2 features. 

What are the differences between Boosted Invites and Smart Mode?

Boosted Invites

This feature will help you bypass your restriction, only if hit your weekly limit. 

If you never hit your weekly limit inside LinkedIn, it will just keep sending invitations normally. If you hit your weekly limit, it will transition over to email using one of these Email Finder APIs to connect with people and bypass your weekly limit.

If you select Boosted Invites and Email only it will only send the invite if you can find the email.

Smart Mode

This actually works in reverse, it will start by trying to connect with the emails.

It will search for an email, if it finds it, it will send an invitation with that email. If it can't find the email, it will send a regular invitation. It will try to find the email first and then go to your standard invitation credits. 

Essentially, the big difference is Boosted Invites is going to use regular invitations first, then go to email if you are put into a weekly limit.

Smart Mode will use email first, if the email is not found, then use the regular invitation. Hopefully helping you avoid hitting your weekly limit if the Email Finder can't find enough of those emails beforehand.

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