Learn about Kennected's suppression feature here as well as how to effectively utilize it.

Suppression Feature

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3 Suppression

The Suppression feature allows you to stop automated messages from going out to anyone you've connected with through Kennected.

Below are some sample scenarios where you might use this feature:

  • If someone you've reached out to said they're not interested and does not want to receive future messages from you, you can suppress them. In the future, if you decide do a First Degree Messaging sequence, they will not receive said messages
  • If someone turned into a client from an outreach/campaign from Kennected, you will need to suppress them so they won't receive any of your first degree messaging

Please see the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the "Prospect" tab
  2. Click "Accepted"
  3. Click the Suppress icon (appears as a circle with a diagonal line through it) on the left side of the person's name who you would like to suppress

  4. Click "OK" to save changes

If for some reason you have suppressed the wrong person, you can undo it by simply clicking the Suppress button again to unblock the person.

Note: If you have any questions regarding the "Suppression" feature, contact us at or file a ticket on the top of this page